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The Limitations of Your Auto Insurance Policy

At Gantt Agency, our many Farmville, VA area customers regularly ask us about the limitations on their car insurance policies. They’ve likely heard this term before but are not aware of what it refers to. As a result, it is crucial to carefully consider these points and find an option that works for you. 

What are Car Insurance Limits?

Your auto insurance will cover liability and auto repair up to what is defined as a limitation or limit. In other words, your policy has a maximum payout that it will cover before you have to pay the rest. Thankfully, this limit is set relatively high to help ensure that most issues are easily covered. 

Limitations may also refer to things that your auto policy will not cover. Typically, these elements include maintenance issues that you should have spotted, such as problems with a transmission that you failed to repair. It may also include things that you do to your vehicle outside your policy. 

For example, people who perform various DIY repairs may find that these fixes do not get covered by their insurance. That’s because an unlicensed mechanic (i.e., you) performed these repairs. In this situation, you may be limited on what kind of coverage that you can get and may even end up invalidating your policy and struggling to get coverage for a broad range of issues. 

Finding a Policy That Works 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Gantt Agency serving Farmville, VA, right away to learn more about your insurance options. Our team is skilled at helping people like you understand what policies are necessary for their vehicle. We’ll then work directly with you to find a payment plan that makes sense, giving you the kind of help needed to minimize any complications in the future.