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What Is SR-22/FR-44 Insurance?

In all states, auto insurance is required, but the amount of that insurance is different from state to state. Some states also allow for a different type of proof of financial responsibility for accidents in lieu of insurance. However, most people go the auto insurance route to show their financial responsibility. If you need enough auto insurance to keep your vehicle legal, give us a call at Gantt Agency in Farmville, VA to find out more. 

Financial Responsibility Certificate

Because each state has its own auto coverage laws, there are very specific types of coverage and amounts of coverage that you must have. If you get auto insurance that is at least these amounts, you can get an SR-22. This isn’t really a form of insurance- it’s a certificate that you are given for having at least the minimum amount of insurance coverage required by your state. This form may be required for you to be able to drive legally. 

FR-44 Forms

Like the SR-22, the FR-44 form is a certificate that proves that you have enough auto insurance to legally drive in the state. For this form, you usually have to have a higher amount of liability coverage than is required by the state. While SR-22 can be granted for meeting the state minimums, you generally have to add coverage onto your policy for liability in order to get an FR-44. 

SR-22/FR-44 Requirements

States often require a driver to have one of these forms because they have had certain driving violations such as reckless driving or DUI. If the state requires you to have one of these forms, you will be notified by them. 

Get Insured

Another reason that you might need one of these forms is that you went without insurance and caused an accident. To avoid this, you need auto insurance. Call us at Gantt Agency in Farmville, VA.