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Four things you need to know about garage insurance

Garage insurance is an important type of insurance that your business may need. Business owners looking for garage insurance for their commercial operation in Farmville, VA can find the coverage they need at Gantt Agency.

The following are four things that you need to know about garage insurance:

Garage insurance covers the unique risks that companies in the auto service industry face.

Garage insurance refers to insurance policies that are specifically designed for certain types of commercial operations in the auto industry. These can include body shops, service stations, auto glass repair shops, and even towing companies. 

Garage insurance policies typically come along with three main types of coverage.

Garage insurance policies are unique to the particular business that they cover. However, all garage insurance policies will typically offer the following three types of coverage: bodily injury coverage, property damage coverage, and products/operations coverage. 

There are certain types of coverage you may need to add to your basic garage insurance policy.

There are numerous types of coverage that a typical auto service company needs that don’t automatically come along with garage insurance policies. 

Garages with employees need to add on workers’ compensation coverage. Garages might also need add-on coverages for client property and commercial property coverage for the physical structure of the garage facility itself. 

Business owners should compare garage insurance quotes before choosing a coverage option for their commercial operation. 

The best way to find competitively priced garage insurance is to shop around and get quotes from several providers. Garage owners can then choose the best option for their needs. 

Get The Right Coverage For Your Needs

If you’d like to learn more about garage insurance in Farmville, VA, get in touch with us at Gantt Agency. You can call us today so that you can get a quote on a garage insurance policy.