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Does my home business need commercial insurance?

Home-based businesses are increasingly popular choices for those who have a small business. Not having to pay for rent is a great saving. At Gantt Agency in Farmville, VA, we have 8 offices and one of them is likely to be convenient for you to visit or call. We have been growing since 1988 and our team has the knowledge and experience that you look for in an independent insurance agent. 

Simply stated, yes, your home business does need commercial insurance. The fact is, your home insurance is not designed to protect a business, and it can either not cover or have very limited coverage for your business. 

Why Commercial Insurance?

Property insurance

If your property insurance covers any business property, it will be very limited. You could lose all your tools, inventory, office equipment and other things that you use to conduct your business. Having commercial property insurance will protect your business assets when you have them in your home or in your vehicle. 

Liability insurance

Getting sued as a small business is almost a certainty and if you are counting on your home insurance liability to protect your business you will be disappointed. Home insurance will not cover you. If you have customers or clients visiting your home and they are injured, you will be on your own. If a client sues you, you are out of luck. 

Auto insurance

If you are using your personal vehicle for business, you are taking a very big risk. Your personal auto insurance does not cover business use. If you have an accident you could find yourself with a lot of uncovered damage. You could be sued for injuries and damage and that could be very expensive. 

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