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Adequate Coverage for Your Restaurant Equipment

Preserving the condition of your restaurant equipment is essential. Consider the categories below. Then, consult with one of our Gantt Agency representatives about the coverage you need for your restaurant.


Operating a restaurant comes with risks. Fires, floods, acts of violence, vandalism, and theft could destroy expensive equipment. If restaurant equipment undergoes minor damage, you will be responsible for paying out-of-pocket costs.

Having access to insurance will reduce your financial responsibility. Inspect the inside and outside of your restaurant. This will help you determine the risk level that you will be facing.

For instance, if you own an older restaurant, failing to maintain the building could make it more likely that your place of business will be broken into. Once you determine your risk level, take measures to make your business setting safe and secure.


Take an inventory of all the restaurant equipment that you own. Record information about the appliances, storage units, machinery, and other items that are needed to operate your place of business.

During this process, note any items needing cleaning or repairing. All of your restaurant equipment should be in operable order when you decide to insure it.

If you own any equipment that is especially valuable, make a note of it. You may decide to purchase more insurance coverage for these items. You can use your notes when you are reviewing different types of insurance coverage.

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The steps above will prepare you for a consultation with one of our agents who serve Farmville, VA. The agent whom you contact will advise you on restaurant insurance products that will be useful to you.