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Is SR-22/FR-44 Insurance a Requirement?

If you have come across the term SR-22/FR-44 in reference to auto insurance, you might wonder if it’s a requirement in Farmville, VA. Here is an overview of what SR-22/FR-44 insurance is and if you’re required to obtain such a policy before you can legally drive a vehicle in Virginia. 

What is SR-22/FR-44 Insurance?

SR-22/FR-44 insurance is a special document required by the Commonwealth of Virginia for individuals who have either been convicted of a DUI within the past three years or those who have driven on a suspended or revoked license. Florida is the only other state that requires this document in these instances. Obtaining this form enables you to have your driver’s license reinstated before you can legally drive again.

How Do I Obtain an SR-22/FR-44 Insurance Certificate? 

Typically, you will be provided with instructions on how to obtain this certificate if it has been deemed necessary in Virginia. You must find an insurance company like Gantt Agency that provides these certificates, which will serve as proof that your insurance policy meets the state minimum required as a condition of your driver’s license reinstatement. 

Gantt Agency Is Here To Help!

As you can see, not everyone needs SR-22/FR-44 insurance in order to drive in Virginia. However, if you have been told by the Commonwealth of VA that you are required to have this special certificate, then you will notice that your car insurance rates are costlier, as you will be required to carry higher minimums for your liability.

The best thing to do in this situation is to shop around to best meet your insurance needs. We at Gantt Agency provide auto insurance as well as SR-22/FR-44 certificates to individuals living in Farmville, VA, and we will ensure you are our top priority.