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Must-Have Commercial Insurance Coverages in Virginia

If you are trying your hands in business, you must be open to the fact that you have to contend with various risks present in the business environment. Your business is never short of risks from liability claims, fires, and theft to natural disasters. While there are several risk mitigation strategies you can devise, don’t forget about commercial insurance from Gantt Agency in Farmville, VA. Business insurance restores your financial position when perils strike.

But since commercial insurance has numerous policies, you may be confused about the ones you should consider for your business.

Here are must-have commercial insurance policies:

Worker’s comp insurance

If you have more than two employees in Virginia, the law requires you to purchase workers’ comp insurance. This coverage pays for hospitalization costs, ongoing care, and partial loss of wages for the injured employee.

General liability coverage

Regardless of the nature of your business, it’s exposed to liability claims like bodily injury, property damage, libel, slander, and other liability claims. Liability coverage covers the legal hassles when accused by third parties.

Property insurance

Business assets like buildings, computers, furniture, and inventories are susceptible to losses and damage. Perils such as smoke, fire, natural disasters, and vandalism may damage your assets, resulting in significant financial losses. Invest in property insurance to compensate when faced with damage or loss of your assets.

Professional liability insurance

If you provide services, you had better invest in this coverage. This policy protects you when sued for negligence, missed deadlines, and incomplete work by your consumers.

Cyber liability insurance

The proliferation of cyberattacks means you need to protect your business with cyber liability insurance. This coverage cushions you financially by covering PR, notification, and legal costs after a cyberattack. Ready to invest in commercial insurance in Farmville, VA? Please get in touch with Gantt Agency for an affordable quote.