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Who Workers Comp Really Protects

Even the smallest businesses in Farmville, VA with as few as one employee, may be required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This is a long-established governmental policy that ensures workers can get compensation should they become injured while performing work-related duties. This coverage is paid for by the employer.

On the surface, this may appear only to benefit the employee.

First, you should understand that Gantt Agency can help employers seek out coverage that is compliant with what the law mandates. You should also be aware that workers’ compensation is more of a two-way street that is recognized by many.

Benefits For Employees

When an employee is injured while performing work-related duties and misses time from work due to the injuries, they can apply for workers’ compensation insurance. When injuries are verified, an employee can receive payments to compensate him or her for wages lost due to the injury.

This works as a buffer between the employee and employer and provides income until the employee can return. In some cases, these payments can be lengthy or even permanent.

For Employers

Workers compensation provides provisions that can protect a business owner from losing his business due to an employee injury. Since employees are compensated, they cannot sue a company for liability claims unless the company has been extremely negligent and the injuries are serious. As long as the company performs its due diligence in operating safely and in providing appropriate training, it can benefit from workers’ compensation insurance.

Gantt Agency Is Here To Help

Companies can lower their workers’ compensation rates by providing a safe environment that limits claims. The team at Gantt Agency can not only help with suggestions on maintaining a safe workplace but can also provide a workers’ compensation plan that can be effective and efficient for both you and your staff. Reach out to us and see what we can do for you.